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ESSENTUALE Online On Demand Pilates and fitness now in development.

Jan 2, 2007 - Manchester, England - ESSENTUALE is finalizing development of a new online on demand Pilates, Fitness and Nutrition programme.

Delivered via Internet, the 'lessons', each about 15 minutes in length, combine aspects of Pilates, Yoga, nutrition, mental health, and other disciplines with fun and common sense.

Anouk Pascale, a certified Pilates instructor, fitness, nutrition expert and fashion model, is developing intriguing, enjoyable ESSENTUALE On Demand Pilates and fitness lessons that people do in the quiet of their homes, or in offices, or yachts, the golf course, even in the bath.

ESSENTUALE Online On demand Pilates for Sport will focus on special Pilates stretches, core strength exercises, techniques that will improve sportsmen and women at their game - whether the sport is cricket, polo, rugby, soccer, golf, football, tennis, baseball, even ping pong and billiards.

ESSENTUALE Online On Demand Pilates and General Fitness and Nutrition is for those interested in body sculpting and general wellness and is scheduled to be ongoing, with frequent announcements and introductions of new lessons, products, services, and more.

ESSENTUALE Online On Demand Pilates and Expert 1 to 1 training will be offered to sports figures, executives, fashion and fitness models, actors and actresses, busy moms and dads, and all others that prefer lessons and encouragement delivered any time, anywhere, online via Internet.

Anouk Pascale is now converting existing clients to 'fuel and time saving' 1:1 online coaching.

According to Rob Cummings, ESSENTUALE's founder, "I've loved Pilates from the first day yet Anouk made me realize other disciplines and their benefits. Online On Demand Pilates and fitness seems a natural, environmentally friendly, and smart in many ways. Anouk has a wonderful way about her, brilliant thoughts, and a knack for knowing what people want and like. I'm excited."

Plans for delivery also include small screen for Blackberry, Palm, Trio, and other Smart Phones.

For more information about ESSENTUALE Online On Demand Fitness, contact Anouk directly.


From the US dial 011 then (UK Country Code 44) 7764 660286

In England: 07764 660286

Portland Mill
Portland street south
Ashton under lyne
OL6 7sx

For more information about ESSENTUALE please contact Rob Cummings at 949.249.2519.

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