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ESSENTUALE re-launches world's finest shampoo, conditioner, body wash.

July 1, 2012 - Laguna Niguel, CA - Essentuale's first formulas - Age-Defying Aromatherapy Gentle-Cleansing Shampoo, Nutrient-enriched Conditioner, and Silky-Smooth Body Wash were far beyond expectation - in the pilot run of 2002.

Tested on over 300 people with all hair and skin types, the formulas far exceeded all expectation.

It was evident the ESSENTUALE bathing system formulas were the 'world's finest' in every respect - and an experience before, during and after - as was founder Rob Cummings' dream.

ESSENTUALE spent the last 10 years selling products offline, yet primarily testing, formulating and re-formulating to perfect what already was perfect. Rob readily admits he is entirely obsessed with creating the world's finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

While the 2002 formulas were world's finest during use and in the result, Rob did not like the way they dispensed, slightly thickening like pure honey might under 65 degrees F, 18.3 degrees C, which most would say is fine and normal for a product as fine and natural as ESSENTUALE.

To Rob the difficulty in dispensing was not "world's finest" in the experience and to Rob every nuance of the experience was equally as important as the results.

Read the Story of Rob's over 280 5-hour each attempts to recombine ingredients in a way no formulator would think to try - and how with tenacity and trial and error, it worked in a way leading chemists felt was impossible and failed trying.

Rob had no background in chemistry, just a fantastic starting formula created in 2002, an analytic mind, and an incredible desire to 'design' the world's finest shampoo.

All along, the ESSENTUALE bathing system project was without any thought of what the formulas cost to make, what the profit if any might be, or what the final retail cost would need to be; and the timeframe was simply as long as it takes to figure it out and make it work - perfectly.  

The 9056 bathing system was reborn and remade May 3, 2012 at the same GMP certified natural products vitamin factory as the prior world's finest products.

The FDA registered vitamin factory looks like a clean room, is now 318,000 square feet, and entirely state of the art in every respect - especially in regards to purity and world class quality.

The ESSENTUALE formulas are so unique, so different, and such a dramatic change in the way shampoo products are formulated the ESSENTUALE formulas are kept as secret as the formula for Coca Cola, under lock and key, and only known to very few who need to know.

Much more is explained at ESSENTUALE when people click The World's Finest Bathing System from the home page at .

The ESSENTUALE 9056 system was reformulated to eliminate the extremely minimal percentage of parabens in the 2002 formulas, to enable perfected dispensing, and primarily to increase the luxurious foam and all natural fragrance. It worked!

The new ESSENTUALE 9056 bathing system - shampoo, conditioner and body wash - is what we and others seem to believe is the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash - ever.

Beyond everything anyone ever dreamed a shampoo, conditioner or body wash could be, the new formulas are an experience in the bath or shower. Quite addictive and incredibly pleasant.

The very first time people try ESSENTUALE they see instant results far beyond their expectations.

Aside from the spa-like experience in any bath or shower, the results for all hair and skin types are remarkable in every way.

An exceptional experience, ESSENTUALE is a magical escape in the bath or shower - with remarkable results.

Instantly, after very first use, incredibly youthful baby soft hair that is shinier and more radiant than ever, hair feels light and fluffy as if floating above the head, a fabulous feeling unlike any other, and more manageable than ever in any sort of weather. With the matching body wash skin and face feel absolutely soft and perfect.

Most prefer to avoid after-products as hair styling with a little water on the hands is all most need, and hair is more than manageable, it's perfect. Skin and face feel fantastic too.

The new product labels on the 8 oz/237 mL are designed to be easy to hold when wet and the dispensing caps are beautifully functional. The ESSENTUALE 9056 bottles add a designer look to any bath or shower and in black, white and a touch of silver compliment any color scheme.

The 8 oz/237 mL bottles provide approximately 40-60 days of daily use making the msrp of $38 an outstanding value - when also considering the savings of not needing after-products for styling.

ESSENTUALE wants everyone to have the opportunity to try the full system (shampoo, conditioner, body wash), the "Spa Set", and has re-launched with special introductory pricing.

ESSENTUALE also launched a new and very simple and fast to use online store accessible from all web devices including smartphones and tablets. The online store, like all of ESSENTUALE, is world class in function as well as security, and makes ESSENTUALE easy and safe to purchase anywhere for consumers worldwide.

While ESSENTUALE products may be sold in select stores, the focus is on selling direct to consumers online. Once an order is placed the order goes direct to a distribution center. The 8 oz/237 mL size is safety sealed at the neck for protection and added purity from factory to distribution center direct to consumers.

In the ESSENTUALE online store, accessed when people click SHOP on the home page, the Spa Set, normally a retail value of $114, is for a limited time Introductory priced at just $84, a $30 savings. At $84 for all three, each is then $28/bottle, which we feel is an exceptional value when compared to others at any price.

We do wish people to realize that when ESSENTUALE set out to create the world's finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash we stated no budget - a formulator's dream..

The goal was to make the world's finest and then determine what the cost needed to be.

The manufacturing and ingredients costs are quite high due to quality and the process, yet we feel what we need to charge is totally worth the cost - and actually an incredible value for looking and feeling as exceptional as ESSENTUALE 9056 makes you look and feel every time you use it.

The "Salon Set" (shampoo and conditioner only, no body wash) normally a retail value of $76, is for a limited time Introductory priced at just $68, an $8 savings.

The 9056 system Spa Set truly delivers the entire spa experience and Spa Set is what we wish people to try and enjoy first. We hope $30 off will provide the incentive.

Individual 8 oz/237 mL bottles, which are not recommended other than to replenish since 9056 works as a system, are $38 msrp and $36 limited time Introductory price.

ESSENTUALE also offers a 1 oz/30 mL set of system 9056 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash called The World Traveler.

The World Traveler is retail priced at $18, comes in an attractive retail carton ideal for gift giving or a gift for yourself, and for a limited time is Introductory priced at just $16, with free shipping.

The ESSENTUALE World Traveler is ideal for air travel and to get a taste of the world's finest. In our tests using the World Traveler twice a day we obtained 8 luxurious shampoos, baths and/or  showers. The formulas are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way.

For years people have said over-shampooing will damage hair and shampoos stop working after a period of time. With ESSENTUALE we found neither to be true.

In testing we have routinely shampooed 6-8 times a day without any drying or damage, and the same perfect results each and every time.

For the past 10 years the formulas never stopped working exactly the same as the first time, and every time we switched to another we were drawn back to ESSENTUALE.

The original 2002 run has been shelved and replaced with the new 9056 system, yet was stability tested, tested in its bottle and cap, and more, and used for 10 years. Based on the original formulas, the 9056 system is simply better than the original world's finest - as in 'out of this world'.

As it turns out, the 'system' seems to produce a specific 'charge' in the hair that appears to compliment the ionic charge of the body and seems to be why it produces such tremendous results.

Among many other things ESSENTUALE is now submitting its world's finest products for review as "best shampoo" to beauty editors of major worldwide magazines and others. We can only hope they agree yet believe they will since no one has had anything less than a totally amazed reaction. The amazed reaction is the greatest reward to us after so many years in development.

The ESSENTUALE Bathing System, our flagship. It's incredible. Once you try it you'll know.

To purchase ESSENTUALE products visit the ESSENTUALE online store.

For more information please contact Rob Cummings at 949.249.2519 or click contact us.

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To read how ESSENTUALE came about see the press release of 2006 and the other releases.

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