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Essentuale has successful first trip to Las Vegas

July 1, 2001 - Laguna Niguel, CA - Essentuale's founder Rob Cummings and Co-Founder Amy Richter returned from a successful first trip to Las Vegas after a one-week whirlwind tour with many goals to be achieved.

First stop was the formulator to explain Essentuale and the properties desired in Essentuale's first products -  the Age-Defying Aromatherapy Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Treatment (a massage and body oil combination), and Face Serum. Between the factory owner, the formulator and the biochemist, the meeting went like clockwork and an excellent relationship was developed for the creation of these formulas, others in the future, and production.

Next Rob and Amy researched all of the Vegas Casino Hotels and dropped off samples of Essentuale's 'Eye Opener', which Essentuale is repositioning and marketing under a unique co-branding agreement with Alacer Corp., the manufacturer of Emer'Gen-C.

Emerg'En-C is a safe, natural powdered vitamin health drink/energy mix that is fairly well-known in health foods and grocery stores yet has not been able to penetrate the Las Vegas Casino Hotel market. Essentuale is repackaging Emer'Gen-C and promoting it to Las Vegas first, then to other cities and outlets through an undisclosed future agreement with Alacer Corp. Essentuale's initial agreement with Alacer is to distribute 150,000 single-serving packets/month. The Venetian expressed interest in carrying the product in its mini-bars and for casino hotel guests. Eye Opener is composed entirely of safe, all natural ingredients and contains no ephedrine or stimulants.

Of course the Vegas trip was hectic but Rob and Amy managed to meet some great new people and were invited 'on the house' to the VIP lounge at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand where they stayed until about 3am.... and then made their way to Dray's where they were also given the VIP treatment before heading in at dawn. The next morning (well, it was already daylight when they left Dray's), required a number of 'Eye Opener's' but they pressed on to The Bellagio, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Paris, and all the other stops they had on their schedule.

For more information please contact Rob Cummings at 949.249.2519.

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