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Essentuale in talks with D'Agostino's Markets

Nov 15, 2001 - Laguna Niguel, CA - Essentuale may become the first high-end line of personal care products to be carried by the upscale Northeast D'Agostino's grocery chain.

Amy Richter (Essentuale's Co-Founder) has been talking to Walter D'Agostino of the prestigious east coast grocery chain, who expressed an interest in carrying Essentuale's Age-Defying Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.

According to Amy 'we were not targeting grocers but when Walter brought it up it made sense. Most grocers don't carry high-end bath care products. This forces people to be inconvenienced by having to make a special trip to a beauty supply store or salon to get them. If Essentuale products are made available at D'Agostino's this would enable shoppers to buy groceries and save them a trip to another store while providing them with a high-end option'.

D'Agostino's has not made a final decision however, according to Amy "I'm hoping they do choose to test Essentuale in their stores and Essentuale will do everything it can to insure their success. I think it's an interesting and unique opportunity for both of us... and like Gelson's on the west coast, D'Agostino's is the ideal environment for the northeast'.

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