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Essentuale is calling all age-defying Specialists 

Dec 06, 2001 - Laguna Niguel, CA - With the success Essentuale has had with promoting models, actresses and fitness experts (and receiving the mutual benefit of their sharing of expertise in looking good and feeling good), Essentuale is now seeking qualified Specialists.

These include Doctors, dermatologists, biochemists, western and eastern medicine specialists, nutritionists, and all others in various areas related to defying the aging process.

Essentuale provides these qualified professionals with promotion, greater notoriety and exposure for their own practices and endeavors while they provide Essentuale's viewers with their knowledge and expertise.

The program is one of mutual benefit. Participants may choose to simply have their stories told on the Site or go a step further by answering visitor questions via email, assist in the development of new Essentuale products and services, collaborate on studies, or other.

Just as with the models and fitness experts, the association with Essentuale provides Specialists with an outlet for their ideas, greater exposure, the potential for new business in their practice, or sales of products they produce, or books they have authored.

Other opportunities related to this collaboration cannot be disclosed at this time however the ultimate goal should be of great interest and benefit to qualified individuals.

Interested parties should contact

For more information please contact Rob Cummings at 949.249.2519.

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