Though they had known each other professionally for over five years as voices on the phone, Cindy met Rob, the founder of ESSENTUALE, in person only three weeks before he was struck down with a mysterious cerebral condition that, by all accounts, should have taken his life. 

Cindy remained by Rob's side all day, every day, for the 45 days of his hospitalization (35 in Neuro Intensive Care), and for three years as he recovered at home afterward.

Each day of his hospitalization Cindy would tell Rob of the love and prayers sent to him by friends from around the world, and assured Rob that through their love, prayers, and support, he would fully recover and come back to live the lifestyle he so aspired to. Today Cindy and Rob continue to pursue that lifestyle together in Southern California.

Cindy believes that if people are nurtured, appreciated, given positive encouragement and a few good ideas, they will become whatever it is that they want to be in life.

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In August of 2005, Cindy and Rob parted ways, yet in the nicest of ways, and Cindy will always remain a true 'friend of ESSENTUALE'.

Rob wrote this for Cindy::


What Are Angels?

Angels wear colors, not just white. Not all have wings.

Angels find you. You’ll never know why, or how they knew you might need them.

Angels deserve anything and everything, yet never ask.

Angels provide all the hope and encouragement, and so much more, it can’t be expressed in words.

I believe that I would not have had anything – at all - had an Angel not come into my life.

Angels have no expectations. You only find this later. It’s part of what makes an Angel an Angel.

Angels make all the right decisions, and do so much more for others than for themselves.

You may not understand why Angels do what they do at the time, yet later, it all makes perfect sense.

Angels accept good deeds done for others as good deeds done for them, which is really nice. Angels are really nice.

Angels may not stay with you forever – and sometimes are not meant to – yet never leave prematurely or abruptly.

Time with an Angel goes by in a blink of an eye.

Angel memories stay with you always, right next to your heart, and last forever.

Angels never reveal that they are Angels, yet there is no other explanation.

Angels get upset if you itemize their acts of faith and kindness, even if too many to count. Angels don’t keep score and don’t think that way. Angels are Angels.

You may think you never would let an Angel go, yet that’s not how it works with Angels.

The best you can do is put your Angel first, in the very same place your Angel put you!

It feels right to inspire Angels to do what’s best for them – always – and even without you – even if they fly away.

As miraculous as Angels are when they’re with you, once gone, everything returns just as it was.

Angels leave things as they were - maybe a bit more organized, yet in the same general location.

Three years passed like three minutes, and my Angel came and went.

The best and most meaningful years of my entire life will never be forgotten. I love Angels in God’s way.

Angels simply understand.

It’s impossible to explain – except with an Angel, they already know – so you don’t need to.

Angels leave many of their ways behind for you to keep forever, and help you see invisible things.

No matter how simple or ordinary, every little step, big or small, is better with an Angel.

Angels deserve so much, and I was truly blessed by an Angel (and her dog) that helped me live a miracle.

Angels want the very best – for everyone – and make things happen that you don’t even know to ask.

Angels are incredibly beautiful, inside and out, and all the way through the middle.

Everything about Angels is far more than you expect.

I know now it’s not possible to ever repay an Angel.

Nothing worldly could ever equal the value of the feeling or the experience – or even come close.

The very most I believe I can do for the Angel that found me is to tell her:

“You may never need me, yet if you do, no matter what, when or how, and whatever happens in life, I’ll be right there… for anything, any time, forever.”

Some of my first words (once I could speak again) were

By the grace of God, and my true Angel, I can now say it ‘with the Bs’, and mean it more than ever.