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Essentuale Launches New Concept in Looking Good and Feeling Good

May 7, 2001 - Laguna Niguel, CA - Essentuale launched a new concept in looking good and feeling good in body, mind and spirit by combining age-defying spa-quality products, advanced nutritional supplements and adventures and experiences unavailable through typical travel agencies.

According to founder Rob Cummings "Our approach involves products and services that help people inside and out in three ways... nutritional supplements, age-defying products, and what we call 'adventures and experiences of a lifetime.' By combining all three we feel Essentuale will truly improve people's lives."

Essentuale is developing its products with leading biochemists, Doctors, Nutrition, Skin-Care and Fitness specialists and many others. Though some products cannot be completely 'all-natural' the goal is to develop products that are gentle, effective and as natural as possible. Where chemical compounds are unavoidable, they will be the most gentle chemicals. For instance the cleansing/foaming formula in the Essentuale Age-Defying shampoo will use 'baby-safe' ingredients. Furthermore Essentuale will fully disclose all the ingredients on their bottles so the buyer understands exactly what they are and why they are included in each product.

Essentuale is combining centuries of  traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and knowledge to create products that are the finest available. In its adventures Essentuale is making agreements with Properties around the globe to be able to offer experiences that are truly exceptional and perfect from arrival to departure.

A Five-Step Age Defying System composed of an Aromatherapy Age Defying Shampoo, Nutrient-Enriched Hair Conditioner, Silky Smooth Body Wash, a massage/moisturizing Body Treatment; and a Wrinkle-Reducing Face Serum are Essentuale's first products. They are scheduled to be available by mid-October of this year. A unique amenities program is one way these products will be marketed and the Essentuale Brand developed. Other products and services will soon follow. 

For more information please contact Rob Cummings at 949.249.2519.

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