Online On Demand Pilates, yoga, fitness, nutrition, modeling and life coaching, direct and from England, with supermodel Anouk Pascale.

Looking good and feeling good anywhere in the world is fun, easy and inspiring as I work directly with you in England, or online anytime, anywhere, at your leisure.

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I come to your location in and around London, England in the Berkshire and Surrey areas for private 1;1 Pilates instruction, and online, anywhere.

07764 660286 GMT

Areas served in the United Kingdom:

Higher Caversham
Walton on Thames
Old Windsor
West Horsey
Kingston Upon Thames
Windlesham Bracknell


Hi, I am Anouk Pascale, a certified Pilates and Yoga fitness instructor, nutrition specialist, internationally known fitness and fashion model, currently in England.

As you'll read below, I now can help people worldwide.

I offer a  range of Pilates training and 1:1 personal and group sessions in locations throughout the South of England.

If you are in the Berkshire or Surrey areas of the UK in or around London or plan to visit in Great Britain, please contact me to arrange for 1:1 training in your home, office, or for your next special event.

Things are going nicely with my 1:1 fitness training and coaching that I offer in private homes and offices, yet I can only do private in home training in towns and cities in and around London, England unless of course you wish to fly me to your location.

The trades refer to me as 'beauty and brains' yet I focus on being beautiful inside and out for true happiness which is how and why I help people be happier in many ways.

I'd like to be everyone's personal in home trainer and happiness coach... and now I think I can - see below.

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New Private 1:1 direct consulting via Internet from anywhere.

Private, confidential, convenient, effective, 1:1 online training, life coaching, advice for men, women, families - everywhere.

In England? Click here to see my local website.

All you do is book my time by the hour, 1/2 hour, even 1/4 hour, and I work directly with you wherever you may be.

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Most lessons require minimal or no equipment at all.

Rather than meet you, we begin an email exchange (phone also, certain conditions apply).

I learn about you, your interests and concerns, and we work together. I even send reminders now and then. :)

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My online on demand fitness 1:1 brings my unique brand and blend of Pilates, Yoga, good eating habits, Chakras and more, directly to you, wherever you are or may go.

With personal emails I send, and thoughtful personal encouragement, answers, advice and suggestions on any topic I am familiar with, I can help in many ways.

Online, on demand, I can pop up anywhere, any time, on your notebook, television, or web-enabled smart phone, with fun15 minute fitness lessons and activities.

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Me personally - your private instructor, advisor, and coach, helping you achieve goals, entirely online today.

If you wish...

I can be your personal coach and advisor.

A Venus Swimwear model, my own dream is  the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

As a model and if you wish, I can share and discuss  ideas on fashion, hair, makeup, skin care, even how to create a modeling portfolio, or just look and act like a model, and more. Of course men are also welcome.

With you, via email and phone, I offer online fitness, fashion, modeling, nutrition, general advice on life, and common sense - 1 to 1 - as I consult with you directly.

1:1 is paid by the 1/4, 1/2 and hour in the ESSENTUALE online store. Try it now and then contact me.

Now you can have a Super Model available to encourage and inspire you any time, from the comfort of your home, yacht, wherever you are in the world!

I can be your personal lifestyle coach and advisor >>

* Any web-enabled Internet connected device (like your Blackberry or other T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon, or other wireless smart phone anywhere in the world) puts me in your hand, with the 15 minute lessons right there, along with inspiration and encouragement direct from me. Any computer with an Internet connection works fine as well.

You could be doing Pilates stretches at the Mall or lake, your hotel, backstage or on the set (if applicable), right before the game, on your way to pick up the kids (if applicable), at lunch, before or after dinner (where I may also make some intriguing food recommendations :)

I can tell you the best stretches to do based on sport, activity, condition, even your location.

By the 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour or hour, I get to know you, your goals and objectives, where you work and play, and offer even more ideas to make you happier and healthier, plus I may have the answer to the questions you've had for years.

Whatever we do together, I make sure it's fun, smart, engaging, safe, effective, and you have an absolutely wonderful time.

If you request, I make sure you do it too!! :)

My lessons can appear on your television.
Plug me into your big screen flat panel television.

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y special one hour experience is recommended for company team-building events, family get-togethers, office parties, conventions, and charitable events, and can easily be broadcast and/or I can pop in live, appearances based on availability. email me.

I inspire you to be happy and healthier all round.
Online, on demand,  here for you when you need me, I can come into your home, office, bath, bedroom, living room, kitchen, yacht, pool, jet, vacation home, hotel, anywhere, with inspiration and answers and inspiring chat.

Fun, easy, very effective on demand fitness lessons and advice incorporate the best of many disciplines including Pilates, Yoga, Chakras, nutrition, mental stimulation, stress reduction, meditation, much more, and the chats we have lead to positive life changes.

When you feel good, you look good, and I help men, women, and children in an overall effort to improve your health and happiness.

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Contact me now.

Not just fitness, I make 15 minute fitness fun.
I'm now shooting 15 minute lessons you can do anywhere.

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Most lessons require minimal or no equipment at all.

If you wish to be first to know when you can participate in the  ESSENTUALE on demand online fitness lessons from me, Anouk Pascale, please drop me a note.

For answers to questions about Pilates, modeling and nutrition, and to schedule an appointment, email me.

You book my email or phone consulting time with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

You may also book a subscription and I'll be sure to bother you, being sure you're sticking to your plans!

Setting up an account in my online store is fast, safe, and easy.

1 to 1 consulting is billed in 15 minute increments with the first 15 minutes free.

I sit on a stability ball like the above while I type, great for abs. ~a

Primarily by email (best with time differences) we can discuss any combination of things you wish, from how to become a fashion or fitness model to how to become a certified Pilates instructor, how to be happy in life, or anything else I've succeeded at in my life so far.


More about Perfect Body Pilates and Yoga.

For several years I have worked as a fitness and fashion model worldwide.

During this time I achieved my degrees.*

* B.A, Joint Honours Degree in English & Sports Science Physical Education, and Masters Degree in Combined Sciences.

I found I truly enjoy helping people in many ways.

I have always been passionate about sport generally, but Pilates really struck a cord with me.  Pilates is now my first love. I suppose it's because - simply put - Pilates works!

With Pilates, you will be amazed at how soon you start to see your body shape changing into a svelte, toned, streamlined and firm appearance - something most of you never thought possible (but believe me, it happens :).

Even with the basic Pilates exercises, you will not only look good but you will feel exhilarated by the amount of freedom and energy your body begins to feel.

Benefits of my Yoga and Pilates classes.

My Yoga classes and Pilates classes are ideal for healthy living yet I live in England so I wanted to expand my scope a bit - like worldwide.

I tailor my Pilates and Yoga classes to the needs of my students, and today, those I help can be anywhere.

The lessons typically include low impact core stability exercises as well as relaxation techniques derived from both Pilates and Yoga.

I carefully describe all in words and pictures, and can read the pages to you.

My Pilates classes help create a lean body shape, sculpt your body, keep you fit, can help solve back ache, back problems, correct your posture, help prevent osteoporosis, increase flexibility, increase energy, relieve stress, and develop body strength.

With my outlook on life and living it well infused in every lesson, I'm confident you will greatly look forward to (rather than dread) working out with me online.

ESSENTUALE PILATES BY ANOUK on demand on line fitness lessons are soon to be available worldwide.

Can't wait? Contact me now for 1:1 life coaching.

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Now, you have no excuse.  ;) ;) ~ anouk

Please email me (preferred) to enquire about my 'personal trainer on demand' online fitness programme.

It's the next best thing to me being there, entirely online and available to you right now.


A happier, healthier you... hour by hour :)



In England, email me any time or ring 07764 660286 to schedule one to one or group classes locally.

Anywhere, make me your personal fitness trainer now!
See my current online coaching rates. email me first and I can schedule a best time to call me.

Hubby a bit chubby? I can help there too. ;)

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Secure online transactions, state-of-the-art reporting, currency exchange works worldwide in British Pounds (GBP)


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