ESSENTUALE makes selling easy.
If you're independent, kind to others and smart, we can help you make extra money.

ESSENTUALE enables you to make extra money while receiving a discount on the products you use yourself.

You need to know how (or learn how) to run your own independent business on your own if you choose to sell to others since ESSENTUALE is not a multi-level marketing company.

You will need a resale certificate if you plan to resell in most areas. Google "resale permit" or "sellers" permit" or similar plus where you live to learn more. It's usually easy to obtain and to manage. You pay no sales tax when purchasing from ESSENTUALE, collect sales tax on your own sales, and then pay the collected sales tax directly to your state or government. If outside the US you may pay duty.

You get all you need from this website which you can show from any laptop, i-pad or even your phone.

We do not offer support - other than your use of the website and materials we provide like these sell sheets you print:

PDFs (click each to see, download, share or print):

Bathing System     Shampoo     Conditioner    Body Wash

...and videos like: You eat... you sleep... you bathe. Bathing forever changed. that you can play anywhere, even on most phones..

You can also order product on most phones direct from the online store making it easy to manage orders on the go.

The 250+ page ESSENTUALE website has all the information you should ever need, and we constantly update it and add new pages.

Otherwise, minus live person help and support, our program is very straightforward, simple, with little investment.

We are extremely strict regarding your proper behavior.

The only thing you must do to remain a Friend of ESSENTUALE is act like a true friend, treat people with genuine care and respect, and always be nice to others, even under trying circumstances.

ESSENTUALE is all about being genuine and truly good, the best of the best in all ways, and we're quite serious about that requirement.

If that's fine, ESSENTUALE may be ideal for you and you realize that if we find you treated people unkindly we will simply terminate our relationship at our option and based on our judgment, and still part friends - yet you will no longer have a wholesale account with us.

If that's fine, perfect...

You can sell to your friends, neighbors, associates, co-workers, family and more.  

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