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Best new natural shampoo, conditioner, face and face wash. Try it!

When was the last time you said WOW during or after a bath, shower, or washing your face with a body wash? Do it, live it, love it.

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Best shampoo, conditioner, body wash - ever. Spa Set. Buy it.

World's finest shampoo, conditioner, face & body wash - ever.

Natural as can be, abundant luxurious foam, indescribable fragrance, amazing results first and every bath or shower.

Ingredient PDFs:

Bathing System  Shampoo  Conditioner
Body Wash


ESSENTUALE The World's finest shampoo and system. Click to Buy now.
"Wow, it is the best shampoo in the world."

Best shampoo, best conditioner, best face & body wash - ever.

ESSENTUALE 9056 Spa Set, the ultimate bath or shower head to toe, including face.

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Unlike anything else you've ever used. Watch the video:

An ultra premium natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash (formulated as face wash to cover you head to toe).

The best shampoo, best conditioner, best face and body wash available at a price most pay for their current brand yet remarkably best in every way - and so much better than any other.

Best male/female fragrance (that disappears on rinse), best ingredients, best proportions, best experience including amazing foam, best process, best results for hair and skin, best feeling of clean - ever.

Amazing experience, incredible results.

ESSENTUALE 9056 - the world's finest shampoo, conditioner, body wash - SPA SET. Buy NOW at HUGE SAVINGS introductory prices.

The Body Wash is AMAZING for perfect face and skin.

Also see Salon Set, the best Shampoo and Conditioner (sans Body Wash, which you'll miss).

Look and feel years younger - instantly.

The greatest experience in your bath or shower - ever.

Once you try you'll know. Play the video.

The perfect spa gift for her, him, them, you!

Try it! Also makes an ideal hostess gift.

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We set out to create the world's finest and best bath or shower - ever.

10+ years in the making and testing, we did it!!

The cost to make the formulas was never considered, best and finest was all we ever cared about.

A remarkable experience during, amazingly noticeable results after - first time, every time. 

You never felt so good and your hair and skin never looked and felt so young, so soft, so beautiful.

In the end the price was very reasonable for this bath or shower.

Would most agree best and finest - ever? We're finding most do! See below.

You eat... you sleep... you bathe. Bathing forever changed.

ESSENTUALE World's Finest Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash.

You'll be saying I've never had a bath or shower like this.

Testimonials (after very first use):

"I've never seen a shampoo or body wash this natural produce so much beautiful billowing foam. Total luxury."

"ESSENTUALE Shampoo - LOVE IT! From the moment I open the bottle to the moment I rinsed it out. I feel like I am at a day spa. Pure hair YUM!"

"It makes my hair feel super light and fluffy yet super manageable. Love it, and I now use no afterproducts."

"I love, love, love the way it makes my shower smell, and my hair and skin is beautiful, soft, amazing"

"Truly world class in every respect, my hair never looked and felt so youthful, so soft, so beautiful"

"I ran out of mine last Thursday and have been depressed ever since!!! Please hurry with more!"

"My hair feels as if it's floating above my head, amazing and incredibly nice."

"Seriously, I can't stop running my own fingers through my hair!"

"Super nice Body Wash for face and skin, I feel fabulous all over."

"I use the Body Wash every morning as an anti-aging face lift! It works!!!

"The body wash, even on my sensitive skin, is a fantastic and refreshing face cleanser. Love it!"

"Showered this morning with the AMAZING Essentuale Bathing System! Like going to a Mandarin Oriental Spa! Hair and skin look and feel Greaaaaaaaaat!!!"

"I love love love the shampoo and my kids love the body wash as a bubble bath! AWESOME!!"

"OMG!! On my way out with girlfriends. Longer email later BUT just used shampoo and conditioner!!  My hair feels great and daughter couldn't believe how soft it is :)! I think u did it!!! Wow!!! Thank you!!!!!" Sent from my iPhone

"Wow, it is the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash ever!"

"Absolutely delicious!"

"The shampoo and conditioner seem to repel dirt and grime. My hair stays cleaner, fresher, longer."

...and beauty experts agree

"Truly impressed with your product and vision. I believe your product speaks for itself as it enhances each individual's hair with condition, shine and manageability."

More coming in every day and will be added. Seems everyone is amazed. We're ecstatic and overjoyed, we did it!

Everything you ever dreamed or expected - and more.

ESSENTUALE ® - world's best shampoo, conditioner, and body wash - a remarkable experience during - outstanding results after.

Natural and nice as possibly can be - a true experience - instant results.

Once you try you'll know.

Ingredients in pdf format: Shampoo  Conditioner  Body Wash  Bathing System Overview

Ideal proportions of every prime quality ingredient for perfect skin and hair:

The finest Extracts of Symphytum Officinale Leaf, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower, Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal), Calendula Officinalis Flower (Calendula), Echinacea Purpurea, Rosa Canina Flower (Dog Rose), Opuntia Vulgaris (Cactus); The finest Oils of Lavendula Officinalis (Lavender); Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose), Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba), Vitamin E, Citric Acid in all the formulas.

Abundant luxurious foam with only two extremely gentle proven cleansers:

Only two gentle surfactants (most have many more, compare labels, many are a chemical cocktail), ideal proportions of all ingredients to 00.001%, perfect pH, and the ideal ionic charge result in remarkably noticeable (and noticed) hair and skin. ESSENTUALE is one of a very few if any natural shampoo and body wash formulas that not only foam yet produce amazing abundant luxurious beautiful foam yet will not strip hair or dry skin. ESSENTUALE shampoo and body wash leave face, skin and hair perfectly soft and moist every time.

Made in a vitamin factory, with ultra-strict vitamin manufacturing procedures to insure the ultimate in quality and purity.

We use only the finest raw ingredient suppliers. Even so, our vitamin factory lab does not even trust the raw ingredients. ESSENTUALE cannot contain any impurities. Our vitamin factory lab tests every raw ingredient when received, before blending, and twice more in the process to finished bottle. You may read Cocamidopropyl Betaine, our co-surfactant, "may" contain harmful impurities and be unsafe if so. ESSENTUALE is extensively lab tested so never so. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is coconut derived and found in many high end body products often labeled natural and/or organic, and very gentle in ours.

Natural as can be, addictively subtle male/female fragrance fills the bath or shower yet disappears on rinse.

And the result? Mind-blowingly remarkably noticeably perfect hair and skin - every bath or shower.

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A magical escape in the bath or shower.

  • Head to toe, face, hair and skin look and feel more youthful than ever, first use, every use.

  • Luxury from beginning to end, truly world class in every respect.

  • The natural fragrance is both calming and invigorating during use yet disappears on rinse leaving a feeling of clean unlike any other.

  • Hair stays in place with the push of your hands and a little water, brilliantly shiny, and so baby soft it's hard to keep from running your own hands through it.

  • Hair feels as if floating above the head - light, fluffy, a great feeling - likely due to the perfectly ion-balanced charge of the shampoo and conditioner combined (always recommended, they work as a set).

  • After-products not required or desired, most prefer to style and finish with just a little water in their hands, if anything.

  • Gentle, pure as can be (made in a natural products vitamin factory, that pure).

  • Highly secret formula uses just two extremely gentle coconut derived cleansers yet (more magic and the hardest part) produces an abundance of luxurious and beautiful foam.

  • The formulas leave you fresh as can be and squeaky clean - looking and feeling wonderful.

  • No parabens, no Laurel or Laureth Sulfates, no ALS

  • Cruelty free - never tested on animals

  • For all hair and skin types

Limited time introductory offers available now and only from ESSENTUALE. Click to buy and save now

The Story (or skip to the Result) :

In 2001, Rob set out to create the world's finest bathing system believing one of life's greatest and simplest pleasures should be in your own bath.

Great food, restful sleep, and a truly fabulous bath or shower are the foundation of The Essentuale LifestyleTM - and Rob loves water.

Seeking the finest bath or shower Rob found even the most expensive bath products quite 'ordinary' and unimpressive as an overall experience.

After trying nearly every shampoo, conditioner and body wash, at prices ranging from $2 to over $70 (for a very small bottle), nothing seemed exceptional or outstanding to Rob, the founder of ESSENTUALE.

Many made claims about the results, but none delivered a truly remarkable experience during use, and exceptional results after.

Hairstylists, salon and spa professionals told Rob that all shampoos, conditioners and body washes were essentially all the same.

Considering a bath or shower a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed every day, Rob set out to create the world's finest bathing system - at any cost.

Rob made a list of every imaginable attribute for the "ultimate bathing system" and began working with a renowned world-class natural products formulator, telling the formulator money was no object yet the world's finest bathing system was.

Rob believed his long list of attributes for 'the ultimate bathing system" was quite reasonable, yet almost a year later in formulation realized how difficult formulating to these highest of standards would be.

Rob believed that bath products could be significantly bettered.

After developing numerous formulations over more than a year to try to meet Rob's expectations and list of attributes more the formulator told Rob:

"There can be no better shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, that's the very best we can create at any price... and we cannot take out all of  the chemicals you have asked us to eliminate. It just won't work."

Rob ultimately made a pilot run of the first 'world's finest' in 2002, sold some offline through the years, tested on hundreds who all raved, yet Rob still wasn't satisfied.

Other formulators Rob asked could not produce a product better than the first.

Formulators gave up in frustration - yet Rob didn't.

Rob refused to believe that there could not be bathing products that went beyond the marketing hype and truly were exceptional according to Rob's extensive list - though he was one of a very few that shared this belief.

Rob could not understand why bath products were unable to have an ingredient list that does not read like a chemical cocktail and people could actually understand, and why there were no bath products that genuinely outperformed all others - in the experience and the results.

Not willing to give up, Rob did as others in the past and set up a lab in his kitchen.

With beakers and flasks and a lot of determination, Rob researched every possible ingredient, filled his 'lab' with samples, learned about the history of shampoos and body washes, talked to manufacturers, high end formulators, salon professionals, skin care professionals, and others, and began experimenting with the formulas.

Rob formulated and tested (and formulated and tested) - for years.

Rob learned that shampoo formulation is both an art and a science. He was surprised to find that liquid shampoo and body wash are fairly new inventions (Softsoap was the first liquid soap introduced in 1979).

The more Rob learned, the more convinced he became about the possibility of making a true breakthrough - by trying every combination and possibility until he did it.

"If you could make that formula thick and rich and produce foam and not turn to water, your 9056 formula would be the world's finest shampoo. Was your factory actually able to make it?" ~ formulator of incredibly famous boutique brands and third generation owner of a world-renowned shampoo factory.

Formula after formula, shower after shower after shower, finally...

Firmly believing that formulas could not be tested in the lab alone (based on instrument readings and pH strips), Rob tirelessly created over 285 formulas which took 5-7 hours each, then tested on himself until he perfected them - formula after formula, shower after shower, month after month, for years - all to make the world's finest made originally in 2002 (that all loved for many years) even finer.

With over a decade of research, testing, trial and error, and endless determination, the ESSENTUALE Bathing System is the result of Rob's obsession.

The Result: (we were able to make it - and it's everything)...


You eat... you sleep... you bathe. Bathing forever changed.

A feeling of clean unlike any other - ever.

10+ years in the making, outstanding in every way imaginable - much more than you expect or ever dreamed.

Incredible in every aspect - the way it feels and acts, the natural and gentle ingredients, the intriguing and subtle male/female fragrance (which disappears on rinse), the phenomenal results for both hair and skin.

Designed to be enjoyed as a set, each product complements the other in the unique male/female fragrance, the feel, the results.

Formulated to be enjoyed every day - or more - as a wondrous escape - to be squeaky clean, and look and feel better than ever!

Extremely gentle, designed to be enjoyed every day or more, and can be, if you wish (and you may well wish to).

Hair and skin are fabulous in all we've heard from who bathe twice a day or more - and we agree since we often shampoo twice a day.

It's nice.

Ideal for all hair and skin types, man and woman.

A wonderful experience that feels remarkably great all over.

ESSENTUALE bath and body products feel great in your hands, in your hair, on your skin. The shampoo is rich and beautiful, the conditioner is light yet highly effective, the Body Wash is silky smooth, and all rinse off incredibly clean.

Abundant, elegant, never-ending, superbly rich foam covers your head and body.

The Shampoo and Body Wash produce a fine, soft, rich, luxurious, billowy foam consisting of gorgeous tiny perfect bubbles. Extremely gentle, will not sting eyes like other shampoos and body washes can, elegant foam is just part of this beautiful experience.

Intoxicating, indescribable fragrance - only during use, not after.

Delightful fragrance fills the air in the bath or shower, stimulating your senses. Equally appealing for man or woman, the fine natural fragrance is complex, hard to pinpoint, yet produces a wonderful 'feeling' as difficult to describe as the fragrance itself.

The fragrance magically disappears upon rinse.

Natural fragrance surrounds you during use yet magically disappears on rinse, entirely intentional to avoid conflicts with colognes and perfumes. Aside from the incredible results, the fragrance is one of the reasons you'll never want to skip a bath or shower - and love ESSENTUALE forever.

Like finest highest end perfumes and colognes, the male/female fragrance has wondrous top, bottom, and middle notes.

Notes of finest lavender and citrus combine with carefully selected natural plant and flower extracts and oils to create fragrance that is something you have to experience to understand.

Aromatherapy in nature, the fragrance is refined, complex, soothing, invigorating, relaxing, stimulating, rejuvenating - all at the same time - unlike anything you have ever experienced. The fine, fresh fragrance alone will change the way you think of bathing forever.

Ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Those with sensitive skin and allergies tell us the ESSENTUALE
shampoo, conditioner and body wash are among very few they can use. Perhaps this is due to the combination of ingredients, lack of unnecessary chemicals, and no artificial fragrance or color.

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Ideal proportions and combinations of ingredients.

The perfect balance, nothing more, nothing less, just the right combination of ingredients and the perfect amount. The ideal formulas combine the very finest natural plant extracts and oils blended uncommonly to produce the incredibly fine fragrance as well as remarkably noticeable results.


Ingredients in pdf format (click to read):
Shampoo  Conditioner  Body Wash  Bathing System Overview

Easily identifiable ingredients with few chemical names.

Read the ingredients by clicking the links above and you'll be surprised that you can identify nearly every ingredient in each - not a list of unidentifiable chemicals with long and frightening chemical-sounding names. Those that have chemical-sounding names are necessary to be named that way yet even those are extremely gentle and very safe.

The cleansing ingredients are the mildest, finest, yet most effective available. All ingredients have been researched for safety.

Our factory on-site lab tests all the raw ingredients not even trusting the suppliers, and tests the formulas three more times during the process and before bottling to ensure unsurpassable purity and quality.

The cost of the ingredients or the complexity of the manufacturing process was never a consideration. The only consideration was to create the ultimate bathing system in every way - and we did.

Baby-soft hair, softer than you can imagine.

The Shampoo and Conditioner leave hair baby soft, softer than any other you've ever experienced from any shampoo or conditioner at any cost, yet not 'fly-away', in both dry and humid conditions. For hair people want to touch, hair you'll want to run your hands through all day long, ESSENTUALE
shampoo and conditioner leaves hair soft on first use, and, unlike others, can be used every day with the same results.

More than simply manageable... hair care 'after-products' are often not required or desired.

Most people tell us they simply use a little bit of water on their hands after their hair dries to style.

You'll find you can gently coax your hair into desired styles naturally. Run your hands, comb or brush through your hair and it stays where you want it - without hair spray, gels, mousse, or other after-products that can make hair stiff, sticky, attract dirt and lose the unique light feeling on your head and scalp that ESSENTUALE Shampoo and Conditioner leaves.

Fuller, younger, shinier, softer, incredibly gorgeous!

Those who have tried ESSENTUALE shampoo and conditioner rave that their hair hasn't looked or felt so fabulous in years - without styling products.

Hair feels as if it's floating above your scalp.

Hair, scalp and skin with the ideal electrical charges (ions) ESSENTUALE generates create a very special feeling, as if your hair is floating above your head.

Same perfect results every time you use the ESSENTUALE shampoo and conditioner.

We found that the more often you use ESSENTUALE shampoo and conditioner the better! Does not strip your hair or damage it or make it frizzy or have any of the other problems ordinary shampoos seem to create. Shower after shower, bath after bath, year after year.

So you can shampoo every day, or even a couple of times a day, and know your hair will look and feel truly fabulous each and every time.

Ideal for swimmers and hot tub lovers.

Get out of the chlorine pool or hot tub after a swim, shampoo and condition with the ESSENTUALE shampoo and conditioner, and your hair will instantly return to feeling full, soft, and youthfully beautiful. It also imparts a feeling of lightness on the hair and scalp - never dry, never oily, just perfect.

Silky smooth moisture-balanced touchably soft face and skin - the ultimate body wash is also a fantastic face cleanser.

During use, the ESSENTUALE Body Wash goes on silky and rinses off silky, never sticky. Afterwards, it leaves skin incredibly clean, soft and moist. It's the way all body wash should be!

Can a body wash also be a great face cleanser? Yes!

The body wash leaves your face feeling fantastic, skin is tight and soft, and yes, what's good for your body (if ESSENTUALE) is also great for your face. Incredibly refreshing, ideal for all skin types.

ESSENTUALE World's Finest Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash.
ESSENTUALE shampoo, conditioner, body wash, the new standard of finest luxury baths and showers.

Unsurpassable purity and quality - ESSENTUALE is made in a natural products GMP certified vitamin factory.


Finest quality available anywhere, ESSENTUALE 9056 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash is made at a state of the art FDA-Registered Natural Products Association GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified vitamin factory.

Few if any bath products are made under vitamin factory conditions or to vitamin quality and purity standards, or for that matter made at vitamin factories.

Tested for exceptional quality and purity every step of the way - far more than any other we know.

Following strict vitamin manufacturing procedures, every one of the raw ingredients is lab-tested before blending to insure integrity and safety. Then the blend is lab-tested, then the final product is tested again after filling. Every possible measure is taken to insure highest quality, consistency and purity from factory direct to your hair and skin.

Finest ingredients, ideal proportions, remarkably best.

The ESSENTUALE bath and body system provides the ultimate bathing experience in every way, during use and after, with the highest quality ingredients, made under the strictest conditions. And our 8 oz/237mL bottles are factory sealed for your protection.

You have to try the ESSENTUALE bathing system to understand why we say you may never want to leave the bath or shower.

Please forgive us if you find yourself taking a bath or shower more than once a day, or making excuses to spend more bath or shower time.

The world's finest Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash formula 9056.

Learn more about the new ESSENTUALE bath and body system or Buy Now and see for yourself!

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It's an escape in the bath or shower - and much more.

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