E S S E N T U A L E   Best Shampoo Conditioner Set - The world's finest bathing experience.

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Bathing System  Shampoo  Conditioner


World's best shampoo conditioner set (sans body wash).

Best Shampoo Conditoner Set - ESSENTUALE 9056
ESSENTUALE 9056 - the world's finest shampoo conditioner set - SALON SET. Buy NOW at special introductory prices.

The greatest experience in your bath or shower - ever.

The perfect spa gift for her, him, them, you! Buy now.


Once you try you'll know. Play the video.

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We set out to create the world's finest and best bath or shower - ever.

10+ years in the making and testing, we did it!!

The cost to make the formulas was never considered, best and finest was all we ever cared about.

Best male/female fragrance (that disappears on rinse), best ingredients, best proportions, best experience, best process, best results for hair and skin, best feeling of clean - ever.

A remarkable experience during, amazingly noticeable results after - first time, every time. 

You never felt so good and your hair and scalp never looked and felt so young, so soft, so beautiful.

In the end the price was very reasonable for this bath or shower.

Would most agree best and finest - ever? We're finding most do! See below.

You eat... you sleep... you bathe. Bathing forever changed.

ESSENTUALE World's Finest Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash.

You'll be saying I've never had a bath or shower like this.

Testimonials (after the very first use):

"I've never seen a shampoo or body wash this natural produce so much beautiful billowing foam. Total luxury."

"ESSENTUALE Shampoo - LOVE IT! From the moment I open the bottle to the moment I rinsed it out. I feel like I am at a day spa. Pure hair YUM!"

"It makes my hair feel super light and fluffy yet super manageable. Love it, and I now use no afterproducts."

"I love, love, love the way it makes my shower smell, and my hair and skin is beautiful, soft, amazing"

"Truly world class in every respect, my hair never looked and felt so youthful, so soft, so beautiful"

"I ran out of mine last Thursday and have been depressed ever since!!! Please hurry with more!"

"My hair feels as if it's floating above my head, amazing and incredibly nice."

"Seriously, I can't stop running my own fingers through my hair!"

"Showered this morning with the AMAZING Essentuale Bathing System! Like going to a Mandarin Oriental Spa! Hair and skin look and feel Greaaaaaaaaat!!!"

"I love love love the shampoo... AWESOME!!"

"OMG!! On my way out with girlfriends. Longer email later BUT just used shampoo and conditioner!!  My hair feels great and daughter couldn't believe how soft it is :)! I think u did it!!! Wow!!! Thank you!!!!!" Sent from my iPhone

"Wow, it is the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash ever!"

"The shampoo and conditioner seem to repel dirt and grime. My hair stays cleaner, fresher, longer."

More coming in every day and will be added. Seems everyone is amazed.

Everything you ever dreamed or expected - and more.

10+ years in the making, outstanding in every way imaginable - much more than you expect or ever dreamed.

Choose Spa Set for the full experience and softest most radiant skin. The body wash also serves as a remarkably lovely face wash.

Please visit this page for all the details and the story or purchase and see for yourself.

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