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7/14/2013 - Now seeing natural shampoo and body wash promoting no foam?!?! Foam is fun. Reason is they can't figure out how as ESSENTUALE did. Just posted a page explaining the natural ingredients.

7/15/2013 - People seem so jaded when it comes to believing ESSENTUALE is as remarkable in the experience and results as we state - until they try it.

7/16/2013 - ESSENTUALE shampoo, conditioner and body wash (amazing face cleanser too) speaks for itself head to toe and is amazing for face, hair and skin. Revolutionary formulas. Hopefully ESSENTUALE can one day be considered a beauty magazine editor's pick! We're trying to get the word out. More info about the best shampoo, best conditioner, best body wash on the ESSENTUALE website and Amazon.

7/17/2013 - Also am seeing a number of dry shampoos. Probably good in a pinch yet to us there's nothing like the experience of a fantastic bath or shower - with nice warm water. Relaxing at night, invigorating in the morning. ESSENTUALE really is the "go to" best shampoo, best conditioner, best body wash for the experience and results. Head-to-toe since the body wash is an awesome face wash too, and the indescribably fresh male/female scent alone is incredible.

7/18/13 - Guy friends told me to try the ESSENTUALE Conditioner on your face to shave with in the shower. I tried it, it does feel great while shaving, and face feels fantastic after. I then exfoliate my face with a wash cloth and ESSENTUALE Body Wash. Nice.

7/20/13 - Guys and girls keep telling me how great the ESSENTUALE Body Wash is as a face wash/cleanser, and it was formulated to be! Leaves skin radiant, moist, and perfect head to toe. I'm loving it!!!

7/22/13 - Wow, didn't expect this! People who never even tried ESSENTUALE are buying ESSENTUALE SALON SET and SPA SET in pairs. Either filling up two baths, don't want to run out, giving to friends, heard from friends, like the HUGE SUMMER SALE, who knows. It's really nice. AMAZON has great deals, DOUBLE UP! is the best deal @ $70 off!

More posts to come.

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