Essentuale is much more than great products, it's a liefstyle.Transform the direct cost of the amenities you provide guests into one or more new revenue streams and an additional marketing vehicle.
Our Amenities Programs improve guest satisfaction
and loyalty, promote return visits to your Property (or other Properties you own) and create new revenue streams.
It's an incredible concept only from ESSENTUALE currently being offered in Las Vegas, other select cities and destination locations worldwide including Resort Spas and better Hotels.

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click to learn more about the products available What are the ESSENTUALE Amenities Programs?
You provide unique ESSENTUALE products to your guests. Your guests receive the finest personal care products along with other unique co-branded offerings you create including 'special' return trips to your hotel, resort, spa, cruise line or adventure, or a different special adventure or experience involving any of your other properties (or special services within your properties). Both you and  your guests benefit!
A card you can include How do the ESSENTUALE programs work?
On the back of each of your ESSENTUALE products or on the front of your ESSENTUALE tent card, or on a separate card that you provide in your guest's rooms is a unique web Site address, phone number and message as shown in this example. It tells them you have created and offer something special for them.
Your unique web page What are the benefits to you?
ESSENTUALE will create and place a co-branded page on the ESSENTUALE website specifically recommending and dedicated to your special offer. When your guests (or people they know) go to this page it describes the offer to them, or an operator does the same if the guests call and request the 'Your Property ESSENTUALE package'.

Your special offer will be recommended by ESSENTUALE. 
'Special' is the key word because your offer must be special. The page on the ESSENTUALE website and/or the printed mailer you may choose to send relating to the offer lets people know that it has been approved by ESSENTUALE as a unique ESSENTUALE 'experience of a lifetime'.

Approval means ESSENTUALE has experienced your offer, loved it, and highly recommends it to those who wish to live the 'Essentuale lifestyle.' ESSENTUALE only recommends the 'best of the best' and people will be made clearly aware of this.

If you choose to mail information about your special co-branded offer, you may include the ESSENTUALE logo which we will provide to you. We will even help write and create this printed mailer if you need or want us to. This insures success.

What type of special experience can this be?
Something very special, unique and out of the ordinary... though it may not cost your property very much to provide. Your offer could be for the guest (or friends of the guest) to receive the 'ESSENTUALE room' upon returning (which is an upgrade) for the same or slightly higher price at the same property - however complete with special ESSENTUALE touches - fresh tropical fruits, exotic fresh flowers on the bed or in vases, other ESSENTUALE products, scents and supplements, more pampering, a trip to your property's spa where they get a facial, massage, a seaweed or mud wrap, a session with a personal fitness trainer, a unique adventure they did not experience before, or any other luxuries or additions that enable your guests to live the Essentuale lifestyle at the same property or at another property you own.

It's simply another way you can encourage guests to visit or re-visit your properties, and/or enables guests to offer this special treatment to others.

What is the advantage of offering an ESSENTUALE package?
ESSENTUALE only offers the best of the best. We're independent, highly discriminating, and guests will know it's a special and unique experience that ESSENTUALE recommends. By association, and by the fact that ESSENTUALE has 'approved' and recommended your special offer it will be promoted as part of living the 'Essentuale lifestyle.'

Your guests or anyone they know benefit from the package and may may enjoy it so much, they will return again and again... or choose to live the 'Essentuale Lifestyle' at another of your properties.

Why not send guests directly to your property's own Site?
Surely you can and should. The ESSENTUALE program simply adds an additional layer to your marketing efforts. Your offer carries the  ESSENTUALE 'seal of approval.' This association lends greater credibility to the experience, whatever it may be.

The ESSENTUALE program gives your property the opportunity to offer your guests, and those they pass the offer on to, a unique added experience or a new adventure that ESSENTUALE has endorsed, approved, experienced and recommends.

By association with ESSENTUALE, your offer gains value and credibility since our customers know we are completely committed to only offering the best, and we ourselves have personally endorsed every experience or adventure we recommend. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The program is extremely beneficial and makes the personal care products you provide work for you and your guests.

How can I get started? 
If interested, we will help you develop a unique program tailored to your needs and which meets our criteria as well as yours. We are very open to any and all new concepts. If you can provide a high-quality experience, adventure or upgrade that fits nicely into the Essentuale lifestyle, we would love to hear from you.

Click to learn more about our unique amenities products we offer.

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(currently for Las Vegas but available in any City in the World)

Whatever you can dream of, we can help you create and develop.

Please contact us about creating a unique program. Thank you!

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