A little bit About Us and our beautiful world...

A blossoming organization of people from around the world, those who participate do so because they embrace The ESSENTUALE Lifestyle, appreciate our unusual structure and sincere approach, and genuinely care about others.

ESSENTUALE is as uncorporate as can possibly be. With no employees we're simply a group of people who believe in 100% goodness in every aspect of what we do - and all of us love what we do.

For starters, to us there's nothing like a remarkably fine bath or shower morning and evening. Our foundation will always be the world's finest bathing products.

Then again, once squeaky clean, fresh and refreshed, looking and feeling younger and better than ever, you'll love our adventures and experiences of a lifetime too - and so do those who participate.

  Bathing is and always will be the foundation of ESSENTUALE the world's finest bathing experience


Spending 10+ years obsessed with creating the world's finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash set, we honestly believe we did it. All who tried ESSENTUALE agree it is the finest and best - ever - incredibly rewarding for all of us.

We truly hope everyone agrees ESSENTUALE is the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash - ever - and look forward to always being world's finest.

So far we sell entirely online and may consider a few select retail outlets in the future.

We wish you the very best and finest bathing experience and results - ever.

The ESSENTUALE 9056 bath and body system provides the ultimate bathing experience in every way.

You have to try the ESSENTUALE bathing system to understand why we say you may never want to leave the bath or shower.

The world's finest Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash formula 9056

ESSENTUALE helps people look good and feel good in every way - inside and out - with finest and unique products, services, adventures & experiences of a lifetime, recommendations and suggestions, and free articles and information about living happier, healthier, and more fulfilled - in every way.

Exceptionally talented and inspiring people help to create and develop The ESSENTUALE LifestyleTM around the world.

The unique concept of the ESSENTUALE organization is "friends helping friends" and it worked.

Meet some of the friends of ESSENTUALE below...

Anouk Pascale, fashion, fitness, swimwear, lingerie, and print model, fitness and Pilates instructor and more, with a lovely outlook on life, is a true friend of ESSENTUALE. Based in the UK in London, Anouk Pascale helps ESSENTUALE in Great Britain and Europe, and has been the spokesmodel for ESSENTUALE since 2002. She has appeared as cover girl, fitness model, and fashion model in many publications, and as a Venus swimwear model. Anouk Pascale is referred to as a British Supermodel with beauty and brains with a degree in combined sciences, yet to us is simply as beautiful on the outside as she is inside. Anouk helps promote the ESSENTUALE lifestyle and offers online coaching. Anouk is also responsible for finding, testing and evaluating new concepts, products and formulas, and adventures and experiences of a lifetime to 'recommend and approve' or otherwise for possible inclusion in the ESSENTUALE family. If you have a new product, concept or an experience or adventure of a lifetime that you feel may be of interest, or a comment or question, please contact Anouk.
Jacqueline (Jackie) Reseigne helped co-found ESSENTUALE. Although she appears elegant here, she also plays second base in a softball league. She has been a Marketing Director for several companies in her successful career, is constantly on the go and always involved in a variety of activities. Jackie is as comfortable riding the Colorado river on a jet ski as she is in helping to make ESSENTUALE the ideal answer to the concerns of many. Jackie is very down to earth and extremely compassionate about helping to develop the ESSENTUALE Lifestyle. Jackie is very easy to talk to yet also very intelligent, committed and insightful. She has a BA in business administration and an AA in Visual Communications. She soon plans to earn her MBA. Jackie has always taken care of herself and it shows. Without revealing Jackie's exact age, let's just say she is over 30.
Kim Grohe embraces looking good and feeling good naturally every day. She is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor with her own studio, nutrition specialist, model and mother of three children ages 20, 17 and 15. Kim has lived on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Tahoe for over 30 years. She enjoys the many recreational opportunities available in the area including downhill and x-country skiing, snow shoeing, wakeboarding, hiking, mountain biking, softball & kayaking. Kim also has a dance background and sang 1st soprano in a local choir, performing several times at Carnegie Hall and as a showgirl in a local production of Cabaret. She attended the American University of Paris at the age of 18 and returned to Lake Tahoe, married and had 3 children. While raising her children in her twenties, Kim kept herself in great shape and began her career in modeling and personal training in her mid thirties. Kim believes beauty and health come from uniting body, mind and spirit.
Danielle Nagel is an author on fitness and nutrition, a  trainer, fitness model and former fitness competitor, successful marketer, a great cook and homemaker. Fitness training at an age later than most was her way to build her own self esteem. She loves to inspire others and help them to achieve their goals. Among other things Danielle contributes articles and tips on healthy living, weight management, nutrition and how everyone can improve their self esteem and overcome obstacles in their lives. Currently you can see and try some of Danielle's recipes and learn more about nutrition by clicking here.
Click here for my secrets.Lambros Georgiou is multi-talented. He has a BA in Physical Education and is certified in personal training, pregnancy exercise, nutrition and acupressure. He holds a black belt in Tae-kwon-Do and in an internal style Kung-Fu. He teaches boxing and kickboxing both in an amateur and a professional level. In addition, Lambros teaches various aerobic classes including his own creation 'The Power Ball Whole Body Workout'. We call him the "8-pack" man because he has one. Learn more about Lambros, his interesting story and some of his philosophies by clicking here.
Cynthia (Cindy) Bongiovanni, with over 17 years in sales, marketing and business development, gladly shares what she has learned with all involved with ESSENTUALE or who plan to be. The best part about marketing, she says, is interacting with so many different types of people, and helping to make their hopes, dreams, and ideas become a reality. Friends, associates, and others involved with ESSENTUALE rely on Cindy for insight, encouragement, understanding, and much more. Cindy has helped to keep the ESSENTUALE dream alive in many ways. Cindy admits that she doesnt work out 'consciously', yet stays fit and trim by remaining active, paying attention to nutrition, and by maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She is passionate about animal rights and is a Certified Wildlife Care Specialist. Contact Cindy by clicking here.

Rob Cummings
in 2001 when he literally woke up with a dream for an entirely different type of organization and approach - unlike any other - and designed for true satisfaction.

A lifetime entrepreneur, raised in Westchester County (50 miles north of NYC), Rob graduated top 10 with a full scholarship from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC. Trained by legends in brand development, Rob
spent his first year in a NYC ad/design firm (later bought by Interpublic Group), and the following year transforming a Miami in-house advertising agency.

At age 22, with just $1500 in the bank, inspired by his parents in the design business, and encouraged by Rob's still very close friend, Mick Slager, who became the first employee, Rob launched an end-to-end branding and business strategy design firm named Cummings Design in Fort Lauderdale.

Rob's methodology helped numerous companies flourish by improving processes, procedures, and perceptions, while motivating staff and more - on top of branding, design, advertising, and packaging.

Though 'design' is in the name, Cummings Design always took a very comprehensive approach to overall success. Rob also developed a successful sportswear line and a video production company.

Twelve years later Rob was able to take two years off to study the film, television and emerging media businesses.  Rob developed and currently owns keyword.com, has authored books, lectured, taught other designers, writes screenplays, has acted in TV and film, and helped manage talent at televised Awards Shows in Los Angeles from 1992-2002. To relax, Rob sails and formerly raced BMWs.

Very outgoing and easy to talk with, his unique approach combined with business, design, marketing, promotion, sales, legal, accounting, technical and motivational skills, have enabled him to achieve positive outcomes in situations many believed impossible. Learn more at Cummings Design.

In June 2000 Rob re-launched a cosmeceuticals e-commerce Site. Initially generating only $2500/month, with adjustments Rob made, it was generating over $350,000 per month and doubling every month. Intrigued, Rob began an intensive study of all ancient medicines, remedies, wellness philosophies and techniques. Though skeptical at first, he became convinced of the value and benefits some provided.

Then one morning Rob woke up with a dream that became ESSENTUALE.

ESSENTUALE is Rob's dream and life passion.

The dream was to create a complete lifestyle, The Essentuale Lifestyle, that helps people achieve their dreams and goals in every aspect of their lives by combining the finest products, services, and experiences and adventures of a lifetime, with one or more aspects available to all. Yet the basis and foundation of everything would be the world's finest bath products including the best shampoo, best conditioner, best body wash and face wash - ever.

The flagship of ESSENTUALE is the world's finest bathing system.

This dream also involved creating a uniquely structured organization where the organization enhances the lives of all who participate in it. ESSENTUALE participants benefit from this personal, genuine, sincere and honest 'non-corporate' approach and structure, which is based on personal happiness, satisfaction, and people doing exactly what they do best and enjoy most in life while helping others.

Everyone involved with ESSENTUALE has a strong commitment to helping people look better, feel better, achieve their dreams and live happier lives.

Only a small number of the many involved in ESSENTUALE are shown on this page. Many others are participating, deserve credit, and will be shown on this Site.

Please enjoy your visit with us!

If you are interested in participating in our unique organization, please contact us and let us know what you would be happiest doing and how you might participate.

We are always seeking specialists, doctors, dermatologists, chemists, nutritionists, fitness & fashion experts, psychologists, chefs, people who can offer adventures and experiences, and others who are genuine, sincere, and caring.

If you feel you may enhance the ESSENTUALE Lifestyle, and have an interest in participating, please contact us and let us know more about you, your talents, experiences, and interests.

If you offer a product, service, or unique adventure or experience that you feel may be a perfect fit to the ESSENTUALE Lifestyle, please contact us.