We love to feature exceptional people.
A message for the naturally radiant, talented people from founder Rob Cummings.

"When I was seeking talent as
a Creative Director I'd skip Agencies that made me provide my name and phone just to see model's comp cards. All that meant was a barrage of phone calls I had no time for."

Rob Cummings/Essentuale's Founder
(Former Designer & Creative Director)

Many Agency Sites are making it difficult for people that hire talent to see and learn about them.

They make people register just to look through fuzzy little images with no talent backgrounds. I know since I was one that hired models and this not only frustrated me but kept me from looking.

I always had a 'look' in mind but if I couldn't quickly find the face, I couldn't wait. I was too busy.

I wanted to see large photos and wanted to be assured of the talent's lifestyle so I could 'sell' my clients on the talent I selected. Surprises aren't good and time is precious.

The better the work, the more I needed to know.

Agencies preferred to send over a herd of people for 15-minute interviews which wasted their time and mine... and I'd hardly consider out of town talent because I couldn't be assured of their background.

The real benefit of being featured on ESSENTUALE is it tells the story behind the face.

ESSENTUALE tells the story behind the face, people learn more about those we feature and the lifestyles they lead. It's important for better assignments. And if you're featured on ESSENTUALE people know it's because you are exceptional.

Being featured on ESSENTUALE says good things about those we select.

We select exceptional people and  tell their stories while showing their images. It's often better to send new prospects to the ESSENTUALE site first and then on to your Agency Site since people get to know you. 

As a Creative Director fuzzy small photos I can't print or use in a sketch or email for pre-approval to 'sell' clients doesn't help me or the talent. I never had time for background checks or to call numerous references.

If people see you clearly and learn about your lifestyle you get better work, better chances for more out of town work, and waste less time and expense with 'go-sees' and interviews.

What if someone copies your larger and clearer copyrighted photo from the ESSENTUALE Site and uses it? They could just as easily scan it from print or screen capture you from TV or video. With ESSENTUALE you provide the photos so if this should happen, the image is old and you either shot it for your comp card or got paid for it anyway.

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