Basic tips on modeling.
ESSENTUALE is not a modeling agency though we can give you some basic advice.

Also we might promote you for free, scroll past the 'how to' to see how.

Anouk Pascale, fashion, fitness, swimwear, lingerie, and print model, fitness and Pilates instructor and more, shares advice on how to be a model, how to succeed as a model, shares her lovely outlook on life, and is a true friend of ESSENTUALE.

To become a model you first need to have photos of yourself.
All photos you show anyone should be professional, represent the type of work you are seeking and how you wish to be perceived.

Many people get started with just a few good photos.
These photos typically include a photo of your face (head shot) similar to the photo above, a photo cut at the waist, and a full body (head to toe) shot.

Some people start with a professional photographer while others have talented friends or relatives take these first photos for them.

How to get your first photos:

Look at other photos of models you admire.
This will help you decide what types of photos you need to have, how to pose, your expression, what to wear, and the location you wish to be photographed in.

Normally the best photos feature you against a background that does not detract from you.

Many models are photographed in front of plain or blurred backgrounds so they become the predominant feature of the shot. Many also use black and white photos since they are often more flattering and less costly to reproduce.

Try having a friend or relative take your photos.
If you do this, we suggest you use outdoor lighting since it is easier and you get better results.

The lighting is best in the early to mid-morning and mid-afternoon to dusk.

Avoid mid-day since it casts shadows under your eyes making dark circles. You should have the Sun behind the photographer and an assistant to hold a reflector card.

Use a reflector card.
A reflector card is any card approximately 4' x 4' (some are smaller) that is white, metallic (silver or gold) and reflects sunlight. It is used to 'bounce' light from the Sun on you to hide shadows or, in photographer's terms, to 'fill'.

Angling the reflector just right will give you a second 'light' from the Sun.

The assistant holds this reflector card in the position that will fill in shadows. If it is held beneath your face and angles properly it will bounce light up. If held to the side it can be angled to fill the side of you that is away from the Sun.

Typically it is used to 'light' shadows under your eyes but can be angled to 'light' any portion that is too dark or unflattering.

If you've ever seen a model being photographed you have probably seen an assistant holding a white disk outside of the view of the camera. That disk is the reflector card though any white card will do.

When you are being photographed lighting is everything. Have the photographer and assistant try to 'paint' light into your face and body.

Think thoughts that produce the 'look' you desire.
The thoughts running through your mind will show through in your expression.

First of all, relax and have fun. This too will show in the outcome.

Good photographers, and even friends or relatives, can help you look your best and capture that 'special moment'.

If you have a friend or relative shoot you, take plenty of film. Even professional photographers will shoot 48-72 pictures just to be able to have the choice and find a few that are really great. You should do this as well.

You might interest a professional photographer in you.
Some will charge for this while others, if they like your 'look' and feel you would be good for their own  portfolio, might do this for free or for the cost of film and processing.

Others will charge their normal rate. Be sure to choose a reputable photographer and see his or her work before you select them. The work should be impressive.

You might also check the photographer's references.

What you are looking for is a commercial photographer who specializes in people shots. One great photo is better than ten 'average' or 'mediocre' photos.

No matter how you get your first photos they should look professional - and be appropriate for the type of modeling or acting assignments you are seeking.

For some tips on posing and digital photography we recommend you see this page.

Once you have your photos:

You create a portfolio to show others.
Your portfolio of pictures is also know as your book.

Aside from placing photos in your book, you may also wish to have your photos scanned so you can attach them in e-mails or place them on web Sites (unless they are already in digital format).

You can use a digital camera to shoot your photos (though cheaper digital cameras will not produce photos you can later print on a commercial printing press).

If you email your photos, always make sure you know who you are sending them to and do not provide your phone number for your own protection (let people contact you by email instead).

Anouk's Zed or Comp card. See her bio page.

Getting seen. 
Those wishing to be professional models ultimately create a printed card of their best photo (or photos) and/or have multiple 8x10 photo prints made that can be mailed.

Normally they have their name imprinted on the card or photo. On the back of this card or photo you place height, clothing size, hair color, eye color, and measurements.

Many of these cards or photos are black and white though some are color. Color costs more to print. If you have experience you also create a bio or resume.

The hardest part of getting any new job is starting without experience.
Some models get started by modeling for no charge in exchange for the exposure.

This means they can then show others they have modeled before and are featured either on a web Site, in print, or (if very lucky) on television.

There are numerous modeling schools and photographers though we urge caution that you carefully assess them to make sure they are honest and reputable.

The same caution should be taken when selecting a photographer. With all, ask for references and see the work they do first.

Ultimately you will need an Agent.
Agencies are bombarded by people that want to be models every day, especially the good ones.

You need to have great photos, be persistent and not be discouraged if you find it difficult to see an Agent, have them respond to you, or be signed with one.

It's a very competitive business and often certain looks are in vogue at a certain time.

How to get an Agent.
Every Agency has their own rules. Be sure to follow them.

They may have certain days and times they see Talent (models are also known as Talent). The Agency also may have certain procedures for submitting which you also must carefully follow.

When I get an Agent, what will be expected of me?
Being reliable and on time to Interviews is most important. You will have to have a flexible schedule. This is because, if the Agency is good, they will expect you to go on Interviews, Casting Calls, or 'Go-Sees'.

What's an Interview, Casting Call, or 'Go-See'?
When a Client contacts an Agency with an assignment, the Client typically asks to see Zed or Comp cards (described above) of a number of models.

From these Zed or Comp cards, the Client then typically asks to see the Models the Client is interested in considering.

There are normally a number Interviews for one job.

The first is where an Art Director, Casting Director, or similar has many Models come to the Client's offices, a Photographer's studio, or other public location.

Typically the Interviews go quickly - maybe ten minutes - and you will have a specific time to be there.

If you are asked back for a second Interview, you have 'made the cut' and are being considered for the assignment. Typically fewer other Models will be at the second Interview.

There may be a third Interview. If invited to the third Interview, you are very seriously being considered and may well get the assignment.

How do I know what to wear?
Your Agent should provide information about the assignment. Try to wear clothing that is appropriate to the Client and the type of assignment. You might even bring along a few changes of clothing.

How do I know what the Client is looking for?
That's the trick. Typically the Client has a very specific age, look, and type in mind.

Don't be discouraged if you are not selected. Many Models go on 100 or more Interviews to get that one great Modeling assignment.

Your schedule must be flexible, you have to understand Modeling is a business, and since it is, you can't be easily hurt by rejection.

Are all models beautiful?
Not at all. Watch TV or see other media and you'll notice that there are many types of models... some are beautiful high fashion, others are exotic while others are people-next-door types or 'character' models and actors.

Is where you live important?
Unfortunately it is. Living near a major metropolitan area helps. Why?

Because you need to attend auditions. It's not impossible to become a model outside of a major metro area, but you have to resign yourself to traveling.

Is modeling a full time career?
For most it's not. A choice few can model all their lives and generate enough income from it, those that's a rare case.

Most, like those featured on ESSENTUALE, have other talents.

They may be fitness and nutrition experts, authors, or other. These other talents give them both 'range' and most important, another reliable source of income!

Our advice is to always have a 'back up' plan and another way to earn a living.

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ESSENTUALE provides free exposure for certain models.

We seek healthy, vibrant models who represent the ESSENTUALE lifestyle.

The models we feature are 'role models' meaning that they are not simply attractive faces but role models as well.

If interested, please be at least 25 years of age and understand that our primary interest is in models, male and female, who are over the age of 30, live healthy, positive lifestyles that are motivational and inspirational to visitors to the ESSENTUALE Site. Under certain circumstances we will consider models under 25.

If you have photos, an interesting lifestyle, and wish to be considered to be featured on the ESSENTUALE Site and/or in our social media and perhaps printed materials for exposure (sorry we do not compensate our models), please email a brief note to Rob letting us know your age, location, a little about yourself and what makes you exceptional, and attach a photo.

In many cases we use photos you provide us and add the ESSENTUALE logo and some text. We'll certainly give you model credits and if contacted have agents or qualified interested parties contact you directly.

You benefit from the association with ESSENTUALE, an organization of sincere, genuine 100% goodness, and potential opportunities from the free exposure we provide you and/or your cause. ESSENTUALE benefits from showing and associating with real people who like ESSENTUALE rather than models paid to appear as if they like the brand.

If selected we will forward a simple modeling release to you.

Please don't be discouraged if we do not select you. As with most assignments in modeling, we too are looking for a certain type and look.

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